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April 14, 2014 | Daily Devotionals | April 14

Not only must you be the most comfortable with prayer in your family, you must be the most consistent. Consistency brings intimacy, and intimacy with the Lord brings life and truth. Without it, you’ll have little fresh understanding with which to guide your family.


How consistent are you when it comes to praying? How consistently do you lead your family in a short Bible study and prayer time, called devotions in most households? Sure, no one’s busier than you, but you must carve time from your busy day to lead the family in this area.


Your kids are watching your example. If you’re not praying together as a family, then all your talk about God being the center of your marriage and family is just that–talk. Make family prayer a priority. Be disciplined about following through. Model your faith with action steps and give your family someone to respect and something to connect with.

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