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April 14, 2023 | Daily Devotionals | April 14


How precious to me are your thoughts God, how vast is the sum of them. Psalm 139:17

How do you approach worship? How do you come to God? Do you bring all of your resourcefulness, do you bring all your knowledge, do you bring all the things that you know, and do you bring your sense of self? What is your heart when you come to the Creator of the Universe, your Father who comes running toward you, as illustrated in the relationship between the Father and the prodigal son? When I think of someone who accepts me, sins and all, just as I am, my attitude of gratitude explodes into a desire to love him back. Because I know the depth of my selfishness and I also know how He has chosen not to judge me and condemn me but to put His hand on my shoulder with a smile on His face that says, “You’re my boy”. My perception of who I am talking with has everything to do with my respect and acceptance and what I experience with and from them.

When we come into places of worship, whether in our homes sitting in our chair with our coffee and bible, or into prayer at church, how do we come? What’s the disposition of our heart? What is our perception of who we are relating with?

What is our relationship with the Creator who made us and is knowledgeable of every situation and event of our lives on a moment by moment basis?  Your Father loves you and wants to partner with you. His desire is to build you into the person that will experience every blessing He has for you.

Father, thank you for my perception of who you are. 

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