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April 19, 2014 | Daily Devotionals | April 19

What is your identity in Christ? Before you make one more choice in life, you need to be aware of that identity, and you want it to be strong–just as past winners of Olympic gold medals know that they will forever by identified as Olympic gold medalists.  This explains why those fabulous athletes devote years and years of training to a ten-second sprint, a two-minute floor exercise, or a five-minute program in figure skating. Who they are and what they want to become fuels the desire to sacrifice in training.


It is also why a man will practice all his life to perfect the art of playing a violin, knowing that he might one day sit in a row with other violinists on a world-class stage to play a piece of music written by someone else centuries ago. Being a violinist is his identity.


Intuitively, we know that to perform anything at a world-class level means that we cannot have a divided-heart commitment. And yet many men, who understand what it takes to succeed in sport or business or the arts, are perfectly content to go through life with diluted or marginal spiritual outcomes.


Why? Because of fear.

Don’t let fear limit you.

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