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April 26, 2014 | Daily Devotionals | April 26

When courting, our wives are worthy of speaking to us about any topic on every level. Think back to those days of dating, when you couldn’t drink in enough conversation from the young women you knew you were going to marry. You loved listening to every thought, every wide-open hope, and all of her deepest dreams as you shared a bowl of nacho chips at the local eatery. Every opinion was a lovely thread in the tapestry she wove around your heart., But then things changed…


When the honeymoon is over and our differences follow us home, our wife’s opinions feel more like binding cords threatening to choke our freedom and disrupt the peace. No guy would ever envision tuning out his lover before the wedding day, but in apartments, town homes, condos, and starter homes across the fruited plain, countless men are snuffing out the voices of their wives seeking to express their views. What that does to oneness is not pretty.


Most of your wife’s gifts will be expressed through her thoughts and opinions. Her voice is the vehicle through which we husbands will be blessed, so stripping her of her voice by demanding that she clam up in public renders many of her God-given gifts useless.



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