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April 3, 2014 | Daily Devotionals | April 3

Love and oneness aren’t the same. In fact, they’re only loosely related. Love can live on despite the trampling.


Not so for oneness. Oneness has terms, it isn’t unconditional, and it calls for action. While God loves everyone equally and is unwilling that any should perish, He is more intimate with some than others.


He spoke with Moses face to face. He walked with Enoch. When angels dropped be to see Daniel, they addressed him as “highly esteemed” by the Lord. And God called David a man after His owe heart.


Think of your children. You love them all the same, of course, but with some you are more intimate. Which child do you feel “one” with? Probably the son or daughter who walks with you and talks with you. The one who obeys.


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