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April 6, 2014 | Daily Devotionals | April 6

There are no questions because everything has been settled. You are His servant, and obedience is automatic. For total victory over sexual sin, there is no more vital issue than the issue of rights.


There’s a step where you move from the conforming position, which takes much energy, to the transformed position, which takes little energy at all. You are His, and you have the mind of Christ.

You may be thinking: What do I do about those women I can’t help but see? After all, they’re pretty hard to miss! Do the temptations stay as strong? Is it always this tough?


The answer is an emphatic no. Yes, the women are still there…but they just don’t tempt. You will still notice beauty, but your mind will simply stop things right there. When you’re transformed, you are transformed!

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