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February 3, 2014 | Featured | Are You A True Road Warrior? Travel and Temptation Go Hand in Hand

Before you even pack a bag, the enemy is baiting traps to snag you into compromising your moral and ethical standards on the road. When traveling for business men don’t realize that is when the Evil one smells blood in the water. Men can be vulnerable for three main reasons: Are You A Real Road Warrior?


1. Isolation — When we travel, there are extended periods of time when we are alone, despite being surrounded by other travelers. From the moment you arrive at the airport, you venture as a single soldier, often with your guards down. Throughout the trip, you find yourself alone in a car, alone in the hotel and alone waiting. The absence of our spouse, children, friends and parents can open men up to trouble.


2. Anonymity — Even when the hotel receptionist welcomes you by name, most of the time our identity is anonymous. Upon arriving into a new town, there’s nobody around who will recognize you. You can fly “under the radar” and go wherever you like and do whatever you want without the possibility of bumping into someone you know. Being alone and anonymous put your fate at major risk if you’re not prepared.


3. Fatigue — Traveling taps the mental, emotional and physical energy resources. Your rhythms can be thrown side-ways, and regular eating, sleeping and exercise routines can suffer. When you’re alone, anonymous, tired and hungry, your impulses can wreak havoc on your spiritual and physical health.


Here’s your ticket and passport to “safe” travel:


Set Your Itinerary

You may be heading for a physical destination, but remember your ultimate mission is to share God’s love where ever you go. When you set your travel plans, don’t forget that are an ambassador for Christ which helps prepare your body, mind and soul for a safe trip.


Pack Your Bags: Don’t Leave Home Without These

Bring your Bible to read. Your idle time can be filled with getting closer to God. You may want to bring a book, or a journal to record your thoughts about what you are reading. And, bring healthy snacks like almonds and dried fruit to munch when you have the munchies. Bring pictures of your wife and children to look at when your eyes begin to wander. And, bring workout gear so you can work-out instead of hangout.


Check Your Curiosity and Cravings

Airports provide the ultimate in “people watching,” don’t they? It’s always interesting to observe so many types of people during the travel process. All walks of life, all socio-economic levels and all sorts of eye-candy can stoke your curiosity. When your eyes start to creep, and your stares stalk beautiful women, you are setting yourself for a fall. And, since our refrigerator isn’t nearby, we can crave food and drinks that don’t serve us in the short- and long-term. Be aware of what you’re looking at, and hungry for, and make self-corrections. Instead of wandering eyes wonder about the Word. Instead of cinnamon rolls and beer, eat healthy snacks like an apple and drink plenty of water.


Bring a Travel Companion

If possible, travel with a buddy. If not, travel with Jesus. Pray and invite him to keep you company throughout the entire trip. You will find that He is a great friend, and you can practice listening to Him. Take advantage of not having interruptions and spend time with God. We have a series built especially for business traveler’s called Slaying the Dragon addressing the issue of temptation.


Do Your Own Security Check

  • Set boundaries with your co-workers and clients, for example: You won’t go out drinking, partying or schmoozing at strip clubs and you won’t meet alone with women.


  • Call home every night to re-connect with the people who really matter to your life.


  • Call the hotel front desk to disable your television’s adult channel.


In 1 Corinthians 10:13, we find an encouraging message to remember, and that holds us accountable.


“No temptation has overtaken you except what is common to mankind. And God is faithful; he will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear. But when you are tempted, he will also provide a way out so that you can endure it.”


We short-circuit temptation and cut off its power when we plan ahead. In Mark 9:43, we read that we need to recognize our weaknesses and take the necessary steps to amputate sin like a cancer out of our lives. It’s a strong step, painful step, but worthwhile step. To have a safe trip, have strong boundaries and recognize we are not above it on the road. Go with God, Vaya Con Dios, which is your passport to safe travel.


Have a travel tip to share? What’s the “real story” in your opinion? Please add a comment below.


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