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August 12, 2023 | Daily Devotionals | August 12

Mind Clutter


So, as the Holy Spirit says: “Today if you hear his voice do not harden your hearts”… Hebrews 3:7


Whether you’re sizing up a decision, a relationship, or a particular circumstance it can be taxing.  When your mind is filled with unlimited options decision-making can become very confusing.  God’s man is devoted fully to God’s purposes, and will not need a long list of options. Instead, he will target what really matters based on his exposure and experiences with God’s purposes.  Your filters have changed.  For God’s Man this means deciding things differently, we make decisions based on God’s purposes. God’s way eliminates confusion and provides clear decisions and godly instincts for effectiveness.

God’s man will be driven by the love and character of Christ. A man who risks committing himself fully to these purposes consciously builds his life around them, and keeps punching and will not be mastered by any earthly moment.  He might get stunned or knocked down, but he will come out punching and land more blows. Why? Because he sees the most important variables in a given situation: what shows love for God and what demonstrates love for people. Extra information is unnecessary because godly instincts are in charge. Instead of making messes, he is discerning without thinking about things better around him.

Holy hunches, sensing the Spirit, trusting insight over eyesight sounds spooky to a lot of men because it requires faith — and risk. God’s Spirit is not failing in our lives. Why would we assume differently? The disparity between intuition and impulse lies in our familiarity with His voice. If we are hearing his voice we cannot give in to our impulses. True, we have formed habits in our past life, our Father understands this, and He promises to work with us through the firm but compassionate voice of His Holy Spirit.

Thank you for working with me Father.


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