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August 22, 2014 | Daily Devotionals | August 22

Sometimes a woman’s attractiveness to you will be mental rather than physical.  This is common in work environments as you work with women on projects that interest you both.  In business it’s common to spend more hours per day with female coworkers than with your wife.  You talk with them about common goals and achieving success, while all you and your wife talk about are the kids’ discipline problems, who’s going to change the dirty diapers, and bills, bills, bills.


As with physically attractive women, you must understand that if your shields aren’t up, and if you don’t recognize the threat to your marriage, you’re flirting with danger.


To summarize:  If you’re attracted to a woman, it doesn’t mean you may never again have any sort of relationship or friendship with her.  It only means you must enact your defense perimiters.  Once you’ve starved the attractions and she’s a safe distance away, you can have a proper relationship, one that is honoring to your wife and to the Lord.

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