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August 26, 2023 | Daily Devotionals | August 26

Master your Emotions


God’s man casts his emotions on a caring God; he does not conceal them.  To hide what’s really going on inside is ungodly and gives increasing control to Satan.

Study the film of Cain and Abel in Genesis.  One brother’s attitude and motivation is off; the other’s is right on. God sees the perceptions Cain’s emotions are creating.  They are totally off. God speaks to him about it – Don’t believe your emotions.  Believe Me! You’re jealous and angry. Put away your pride and talk to me. They’re just emotions! I won’t reject you no matter how mad you feel.  Don’t go to that place within or evil will win. Fight, son!

In Genesis 4:7 the Bible uses the Hebrew word “crouching”. It’s that of an evil demon crouching at the entrance of a building.  Here, again, is the picture of evil forces preying on a man who is emotionally unstable. His emotions have mastered him instead of the other way around.  And he stepped out from under God’s loving authority and acceptance. He’s given himself over to perceptions created by his emotions as if those perceptions were real, he believes God won’t take him back and that his brother deserves to die.  He takes the bait, and Satan wins.  Cain gets hijacked and attacks his brother, and kills him. God’s message to God’s man is the same: master it.

Father, thank you for accepting me just as I am, help me to master my emotions.


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