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August 28, 2014 | Daily Devotionals | August 28

Purifying your branch of your family tree begins with stopping the flow of generational poison by ramming a stake into the ground and declaring before God that you’ll cause your family to follow Him.

When you do this, you create for all time the transitional generation in your family heritage.  You transition your family from a pattern of sickness to a repeated experience of living for God.  For generations to come, people will look at your family tree and see that once your branch sprouted, the family was never the same.  They’ll see that under your leadership, life for generations to come was influenced for good rather than for bad.  Going against the trends of past generations like this isn’t easy to do.  But it’s worth the effort to set a new course.

You set that new course by studying God’s standards and committing to live by them yourself without mixing in all your gray areas.

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