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November 20, 2012 | News | Awakening a Sleeping Giant

Saddleback Church men’s Pastor Kenny Luck has launched the “Sleeping Giant” movement because he believes that men’s ministry in the church has been “broken for years.”

Those old enough to remember and to have been a part of the Promise Keepers movement remember that it was a great wave of motivation among Christian men that led to the Stand In the Gap rally in Washington, DC in 1997. 

But where has the movement gone? Luck says that in our culture Christian men can’t be distinguished from non-Christian men.

Every Man Ministries says “This has left men themselves unengaged and unfulfilled. It has left a church body suffering from absentee men or those involved in merely token attendance. Ultimately, the missing men of God have left a deep hole in culture around the world. With the emergence of the Sleeping Giant Total Solution, we are now watching the global evolution of Men’s Ministry which has been dormant for too long. Thankfully, once again, Men’s Ministry is becoming culturally visible.”

The website is designed to trigger “a grassroots movement from within that equips the local church to use modern technology to create a spiritual phenomenon: Strong and healthy Men of God activated to enforce the vision of their senior pastor to literally change their families, their communities and the world.”

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