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December 1, 2023 | Daily Devotionals | December 1

The Bullseye on your Chest

Take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God. Ephesians 6:17

The fact is you do have this birth mark on your chest. You’ve been marked and labeled in the spiritual world just by virtue of your birth.  If you claim the family name of Christian you are being hunted to be destroyed.

And yet a lot of us are denying this dance to the death even exists.  We’ve heard of the battle and may even be aware of it to some extent, but it’s all too little in practical effect.  We’ve been duped and made to forget this fact. Most believers are aware of the “right answers” when it comes to the familiar idea of waging spiritual warfare and yet we’re failing at practical application.  We look at the comic conflict between good and evil more like a Harry Potter movie — it’s a tossup as to which side will prevail until the final frame.  It’s this perspective when applied to the real world of spiritual attack that breeds insecurity, hesitation, vacillation, and harm to both believer and the cause of Christ.

Based on the attitudes I encounter in men world-wide regarding evil, I would want us for an opponent if I were Satan.  The painful, sad reality is that the underworld has the upper hand on the ground level of this war with God’s men.  It’s time to look in the mirror and not be satisfied with what we have become in the midst of the Great War for our King.  We must make peace with the fact that we are spiritually enabled, empowered, and equipped to make war on the Enemy and do something.

You are an asset on assignment to neutralize evil wherever and whenever it rears its insidious head.  You are to be feared by the Enemy, not laughed at.

Father thank you for giving me the tools of battle, I commit now to use them.


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