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December 10, 2023 | Daily Devotionals | December 10

Extending Our Boarders

“Enlarge the place of your tent, stretch your tent curtains wide, do not hold back; lengthen your cords, strengthen your stakes. Isaiah 54:2

The ambition of God’s man to become like Christ requires aggressively pursuing that one ambition. We need to constantly stretch the borders of our growth for the duration of our lives on earth. Jesus didn’t mince words or parse verbs on the whole topic of growth, He said either you are growing or you are dying — fruit or no fruit. There is no middle ground. That’s why so many of us are down; we’ve chosen to coast in our spiritual lives, and then we’ve found we are not coasting but dying! We cannot stop abiding in the vine of Christ, disconnected from His process, and have no source of nourishment for our convictions. God’s dream for God’s man always involves personal growth and fruit. He is increasing; I am decreasing.

More Christ, less me, more humility, less pride, less self, more service for others, and so on. God’s process will build us, once we discover that what God has given us to do is not a burden of a one ox yoke. God is not a masochist, he loves us, and when we trust Him we make this discovery.

God’s man prays the brave prayers of continual growth. Prayers like Job’s emerge when he opens his life up to God’s inspection and gives his Maker freedom to wire his life. He keeps moving the borders, giving God more and more freedom to change him.

We are not on this earth by accident. God created each of us as unique as a snow flake. He has given you and me a purpose; there is meaning to what God has created. God is the essence of wisdom; all He asks is that we trust Him to extend our borders and continue to experience His process.

Father, you are awesome! Your wisdom is astounding, I trust your wisdom!


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