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December 12, 2014 | Daily Devotionals | December 12

Fear causes men to keep secrets safely stashed away. But the problem with keeping secrets or hiding problems is that it actually helps shape and reinforce several behaviors that are displeasing to God.


If you want a classic case study on the impact of fear, look no further than Adam himself. In the Garden of Eden, Adam had it all: no worries, no bills, no kids, no in-laws, no physical aches and pains, no neighbors–and lots of quality time with his “helpmate”–a charming lady named Eve.


Their idyllic lives changed in a hurry after they ate the forbidden fruit. While relaxing in the Garden of Eden wearing his “No Fear” T-shirt, Adam was suddenly confronted with a very real fear–admitting, in the face of overwhelming evidence, that he had done something wrong.


He officially became the first, but certainly not last, person on this earth to “excuse and accuse,” as Rick Warren likes to say. And this is often our first misbehavior when God brings to light something we’ve been trying to keep hidden.


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