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December 13, 2015 | Daily Devotionals | December 13, 2015

Special Ops

The name Special Ops was given to special men. This name meant exactly what it was intended to mean. These men were special, very much above and beyond those who volunteered to give their life for their country.  This group of men goes through training that is meant to disqualify. It requires every bit of human strength and endurance that can be built into the best of the best.  Their job is to do what a very high percentage of men are not only unwilling to do, but could not possibly mentally or physically perform.

God has chosen each of us for a Special Ops mission, a mission that you and I are totally incapable of doing. We neither have the physical nor mental capabilities to pull off what He has created us to do.  He is totally aware of that because He would never ask us to pull off an impossible task. God has designed a plan that is perfect; it is a fail safe operation. As we spend more time with him and begin to ingest Him, something happens to our intellect, will and emotions.

We begin to have confidence, a lack of fear, and a motivation that cannot come from within. We begin to morph with the gifts that he has given us to do this Special Ops job. We experience the fruit that He has given us; it will become more and more evident in our lives.  The fruit of joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self control begin to take root and grow as we are planted like a tree near the stream of living water.

Remember, God’s man, we have been given gifts. We have been given fruit and the greatest gift of all, redemption. Our sin has been paid for, past, present and future which erases all the guilt and shame that tears us down. We cannot experience this if we forget to, or haven’t accepted God’s greatest gift of grace and forgiveness. You are either guilty or you’re not. You cannot be both. It’s time to accept and act as God’s Special Ops and at the same time experience that perfect love that God has for us.

Thank you Father for the perfect plan and the ability to do the job. 

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