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December 15, 2023 | Daily Devotionals | December 15

Ruthless pursuit

The submarine USS Halibut was as close to stealth technology on high seas as a WWII vessel could be. It remained unseen under the water stalking its quarry until its periscope emerged imperceptible with an enemy vessel in its crosshairs. In just nine short months, the crew had become deft stalkers at sea, and they were gaining confidence.

Many of us have stories of God’s supernatural intervention and reassurance in times of fear. As God’s men, we will know this kind of battle pressure if we are on the attack and serving Him on Kingdom battle fronts. As with the Halibut, there may come a time when we’ll be hammered by circumstances, springing leaks, and forced to the surface to face the assault after some aspect of our character has been compromised. Having fought and won some major battles for the kingdom, God’s men commonly become overconfident in our successes. At this time, the challenge is continuing to work through the stages of our spiritual journeys, allowing God to direct us to our next missions.

If there is one aspect of spiritual battle that remains more hidden than others among Christian leaders, it is coasting. The thought goes like this: I can become the man God needs me to be by remaining who I am. In this realm, the danger is not doing wrong; it is the pride that comes with doing all the right things. When you have a large level area of the spiritual high ground, you can lose your focus on the real world. It’s your heart not your list. Religion versus relationship, this is the temptation of success.

Father, my heart is one of gratitude for your Holy Spirit’s guidance within me.


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