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December 16, 2023 | Daily Devotionals | December 16

Satan the Terrorist

The Apostle Paul would have been an excellent anti-terrorist agent of today, because that’s exactly how he performed in the role that God had given him. In fact, he was an excellent counterterrorism expert as we would describe him in the time in which we live. He gathered information about all the conflicts among believers over various issues; he saw an emerging pattern and trend as he analyzed the data. Lo and behold, the fingerprint of the Evil One was popping up in his mental database. Finally, after various roadside bombs had gone off in Corinth with the intent to divide and destabilize believers, Paul integrated and then acted on that analysis to combat the terrorist threat against the body like a true terrorism liaison offer (TLO). He supplied intelligence for the believer.

The sledgehammer application is this: If you are unaware, you will be outwitted by evil. If you are outwitted, people around you get hurt, and the cause of the Kingdom suffers. The reverse scenario is equally valid. If you are actively integrating your intelligence and coordinating that Intel with what you know to be true about how evil operates, you will preempt and shut down the Devil’s terrorist schemes against you, other believers, the church, and the world. Here’s the scary part: we have the actionable Intel straight from Jesus Himself, the terrorist playbook exposed in the Word of God, and the Holy Spirit available to help discern and coordinate the tactical pieces. And yet we are unwilling and /or failing to integrate these resources in order to take preemptive action against the Great Terrorist and his schemes.

God’s man is duty bound to integrate the Intel God has provided. Versus what? Neglecting, dismissing, or being ambivalent about.   We need to learn everything we can about him and his methods of operation. Then we need to raise our threat level to Red and keep it there.

Father, thank you for the Intel and showing me how to defeat the terrorist.


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