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December 17, 2015 | Daily Devotionals | December 17, 2015

Love your Life

‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.’ Acts 20:35

God tactfully places us in certain groups of men, seats on airplanes, on college campuses, soccer fields, cars, offices and countless situations to help others see God or experience His plan in our situation.  Can you see why you’re to love your life?  What an adventure!

A married co-worker tells you he’s about to have an affair — the stranger beside you is reading a book and needs to consider the gospel rather than a self-help guru — your wife wants you to spend the month’s tithe on putting in the new floor — your brother-in-law has an alcohol problem and his family is suffering — your friend is suicidal and he calls to tell you — bitterness is destroying a family relationship — you have a vision for a project that will honor God — You’ve been approached to support a ministry project and have the resources to respond — your community has a need you know how to meet — your church is participating in a relief effort and they need a leader. The guys in your couples group need to connect as men. 

The common denominator in all these situations is that someone has to be the unselfish leader, someone has to sacrifice, someone has to open his mouth, someone needs to be bold, and someone needs to stop fearing the consequences and step up. 

You, God’s man, are alive at a certain time in history, placed on a certain part of the globe, given your own unique testimony, and endowed with natural and spiritual abilities.  This is not by chance. You have been saved from yourself, connected to the Holy Spirit. Make no mistake, this is the mentality of God’s men.

Father, You have given me the ability to love my life.

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