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December 20, 2015 | Daily Devotionals | December 20, 2015

The Deepest work

And you shall know the truth and the truth will make you free. 
John 8:32

Many of us are bound up, or more aptly put in bondage. We are not experiencing freedom.  This is the first thing that the Holy Spirit wants to teach us.  All of Christian teaching is immersed in the concept of freedom, freedom from fear, freedom from dominance, freedom from unacceptability, freedom from insecurity.

Most men whether Christian or religious, really have a real problem with being free to engage another person.  Some have a natural ability or personality that make this easier but for the most part, how often do you smile, reach out and tactfully engage another person. Some of the reason is we are so busy; we have created a margin-less life, we just have scheduled too much. I doubt in many cases this is the main reason. The major barrier is thinking of self rather than others an inordinate amount of time.  

It is true, we do have to take care of and manage our own lives, but is there such a thing as imbalance?  The Holy Spirit is the spirit of Christ who he left with us when parting this world. He knew we were incapable in our own skin to deal with the huge problem we were encumbered with when Satan dropped his bomb shell of selfishness on us.  How often do our minds go to our identity in Christ, as a person who is confident and concerned about being an inspiration to all we meet?  God has called us not only to be free but to be an inspiration to others and to show and tell them that this is what their life’s purpose is.  God has called you to freedom, to have peace and to free others by showing them their worth. How many lives would be more unencumbered if they only knew that they could be free in Christ?

Father, you are my inspiration to others.

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