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December 20, 2014 | Daily Devotionals | December 20

When God’s standards seem too difficult, we simply stir in some of our gray with His black and white to create something new, something comfortable, something mediocre. Although comfortable, we remain as ensnared by our sin as our forefathers were, and our conscience dims until we can’t quite tell what’s right or wrong anymore.

Ramming the stake in the ground and making the commitment to follow God’s standards without compromise halts the flow of old poison into our branch of the family tree. Completing the purification process means pouring mercy and grace into our homes throughout the years, and we do this by following the principles of mutual submission and by loving in the midst of weaknesses. This way of behaving is not a one-way street.

As husbands, we must love our wives for who they are today and allow Christ to use us to help build up her character (according to His plan, not ours).

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