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December 22, 2023 | Daily Devotionals | December 22

Can We Talk?

If a relationship is important to us we talk about it. Whether it’s a relationship with a person or with something we are truly excited about. Do you know someone that is excited about baseball, golf, football, soccer, surfing, or cars? What do they talk about a lot of the time? In fact, how did you know they were interested in these things? They told you right?

It amazes me how many committed Christians have not worked out for themselves exactly what they believe about Jesus to the point where they are comfortable sharing it with others. It starts with our own testimony and what we believed when we came to Christ – nailing that and then giving others the same message for them to trust. Ask yourself: What was the message that took root in my heart that allowed me to turn from myself and my addiction to sin and embrace the person of Jesus Christ? What did the Holy Spirit clear up for me? Why did it make sense then and not before? Why was it so meaningful? What status changed between God and me? How did God arrange for my salvation? What did the death and resurrection of Jesus accomplish for me personally? How did the information about Jesus turn into an invitation?

It is only rational thinking when you think of navigating life as a sailor navigates the ocean. All navigation is based on the North Star. There is only one North Star. Getting to your destination in life, or the ocean, correctly is done only with truth. Navigating life and its challenges can only be done the right way when we have accepted the fact that we are not smart enough without the Creator, who by the way gave you this life. Get the message and then work at sharing it with others. Do you have something to share?

Thank you Father for making the answer simple, it’s not my intellect, it’s my heart, and the seed of faith you gave me to begin life’s journey with you.


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