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December 23, 2015 | Daily Devotionals | December 23, 2015


If you try to go up against reality y
ou will lose 100 percent of the time — Byron Katie

Sounds cliché, but when you study Jesus, the words He speaks, and His interactions with men, you see that He wanted people to possess the truth no matter what the cost. In that sense I am so unlike Him. I cover up naturally, just like Adam in the garden.  I don’t want people to be mad at me, I want to be accepted, I want people to feel good, I don’t want to hurt others. My character can disintegrate in these realities — it get’s exposed.  My courage to face, speak, live out, and integrate the whole truth about my flaws is difficult without His spine in me, holding me up.

Being God’s man means being a man whose character is centered in the true reality — truth, reality, kind of the same word.   The velvet touch of His grace is seamlessly paired with this indestructible commitment to truth.  They are the two parts of His character that bring healing and health to all He touches.  It’s where the warmth of His unconditional acceptance intersects with my willingness to do the right thing. It’s what gets me into relationship with God and what transforms me into someone different.  It is the anointed dynamic of God’s grace loving me while His truth transforms me.  Grace feels like a comfortable hug.  Truth feels like a swift kick in the butt.

When I take bold steps toward painful realities, I know it is Jesus in me and not myself.  In the whole decision making process, isn’t it truth vs. non truth, God versus Satan? Therefore what seems rational to you?  Remember — the Byron Katie quote.

What a combo Father, grace and truth, amazing!

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