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December 26, 2014 | Daily Devotionals | December 26

Humility doesn’t save a man eternally, but it sure saves him a ton of grief. Humility doesn’t change a man’s circumstances, but it helps him see God’s purposes in the circumstances. Humility doesn’t speed up answers to prayers, but it accelerates acceptance of God’s will. Humility doesn’t make decisions for a man, but it weights his heart toward decisions consistent with God’s plan. Humility doesn’t earn a man more of God’s love, but it helps him experience God’s love at a deeper level.


Rewards, sustenance, wisdom, guidance, intimacy, grace, renewal, and revelation–all hinge on an attitude that accompanies our faith. The famous early-twentieth-century English preacher and theologian Oswald Chambers called humility “the great characteristic of a saint.” For all its benefits and blessings, humility is the best way to go for God’s man. In fact, it’s the only way. But a true spirit of humility initially requires that we recognize God-gap and accept Lord-love.

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