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December 4, 2015 | Daily Devotionals | December 4, 2015

He’s a Person

Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom. I Corinthians 17

God is calling you to press into his person.  To do this I have to remind myself daily of this personal dynamic.  I remind myself that He is not energy.  He is not a personification of good qualities.  He is not a force.  He is an individual. He wants to love and be loved back.  He wants to be acknowledged for who He is.  He gets sad and rejoices in my choices, like any friend would.  He wants to be a saving voice and dominant influence in my life in order to give me more “life and peace” (Romans 8:6).

With all that is happening in you and around you, there is no room for a missed or dropped call with the Holy Spirit.  As the commercial for the popular wireless carrier declares, we need more bars in more places, signaling a strong connection.

Here is a prayer you can pray to the Holy Spirit right now, allowing Him new access to your mind.  Willingly giving Him permission to interrupt, counsel, guide, and lead you away from self-destruction and selfish impulses and toward new places of growth and relationship. Pray with me:

Holy Spirit, I want You to be a saving voice in my life.  There are so many things You are able to see that I cannot.  There is so much that You know that I don’t know. You are before and after all the issues in my life. I trust your vantage point and wisdom.  You are above my life, able to direct me, and guide me.  Forgive me for thinking I can bring myself to safe places of Life and peace in my own power. I need Your warnings in my life as well as Your influence.  I want You to have the strongest possible voice in my life.  So right now I commit in advance to what You desire in my life, I make it my goal to please You at all times.  I am looking forward to hearing you speak directly to my mind concerning Your will for my life. I am listening. Your friend__________________ Amen.

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