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December 8, 2014 | Daily Devotionals | December 8

When emotions surface, the “Sweeper” moves in. He’s the subconscious character in every man who methodically and logically eliminates the threat that a rogue emotion might present. His job is to not allow any situation to heat up too much and to sweep any stray emotions back under the surface, where we think they belong. Do these sound familiar?


  • We ignore the facts.
  • We deceive ourselves.
  • We close off.
  • We fear failure.
  • We deflect mistakes
  • We blame others.
  • We excuse ourselves from feeling the hurts of others.
  • We hide struggles.
  • We change the subject.


Lord, help me better understand my insides

and then express any rogue emotions in a

considerate way to my mate.

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