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January 10, 2013 | Press Releases | Every Man Ministries & Kenny Luck Launch a Revolutionary Web Destination for Christian Men, Men’s Pastors & Leaders




Every Man Ministries & Kenny Luck Launch a Revolutionary Web Destination for Christian Men, Men’s Pastors & Leaders



– the Proven Men’s Ministry Model –

is Now Available Worldwide For Churches, Men’s Leaders and Christian Men Providing Programs, Resources and Video Content for Weekly Meetings.


Lake Forest, CA – As the SLEEPING GIANT movement continues to revolutionize men’s ministry and reengage men in churches around the world, Every Man Ministries, along with best-selling author and Men’s expert Kenny Luck, have just launched the definitive web site destination for Christian men at


Men’s Ministry in the church has been broken for years. This has left men themselves unengaged and unfulfilled. It has left a church body suffering from absentee men or those involved in merely token attendance. Ultimately, the missing men of God have left a deep hole in culture around the world. With the emergence of the Sleeping Giant Total Solution, we are now watching the global evolution of Men’s Ministry which has been dormant for too long.  Thankfully, once again, Men’s Ministry is becoming culturally visible:


“Men’s Ministry has been waiting 20 years for this. Every Man Ministries and Sleeping Giant are providing the flame for the next generation of leadership to ignite a new movement of men within the local church.  Kenny Luck has produced a transferable and proven model which is easily accessible and affordable for every church.  The Sleeping Giant Total Solution is going to expand the capacity of the local church to reach and develop its men in a strategic and revolutionary way not seen before because it is uniquely built to drive the vision of the senior pastor.”
Randy Phillips, Former President of Promise Keepers, Men’s Pastor, Life Church Austin


SLEEPING GIANT does not require a stadium to ignite and activate the local church.  The new site triggers a grassroots movement from within that equips the local church to use modern technology to create a spiritual phenomenon: Strong and healthy Men of God activated to enforce the vision of their senior pastor to literally change their families, their communities and the world.   


The site’s purpose is to provide proven strategy combined with digital delivery of meetings to activate men united under the senior pastors in local churches, colleges, and small groups to join the SLEEPING GIANT movement. Individual men, men’s gatherings, and churches can pick from various series in the Media Vault and watch how God’s men transform our broken male culture, or follow Kenny’s live weekly video messages.


Luck’s vision is big: “We wanted to deliver a proven solution that was ahead of the curve, easy to deploy, and consistent with the digital delivery habits that exist today. That meant creating a verified, easy-to-use, and fully supported strategic pathway that will produce leaders for senior pastors and save money at the same time. It’s ESPN meets iTunes, meets Netflix, meets YouTube for men and churches seeking spiritual health. We can now scale a worldwide church-to-church men’s movement one local church at a time through this site. The process is so flexible it allows for the integration of content from other pastors and leading authorities into the Sleeping Giant model to help men.”


SLEEPING GIANT is THE blueprint for Men’s Ministry; a year-long strategy that is adaptable for any size church, moving men from bystanders to the front lines. SLEEPING GIANT enables pastors to turn their crowd of affiliated men into a core of activated men and leaders who are aligned with their senior pastor’s vision and mission. allows men and men’s leaders at any level or church size to build their own plan through the SLEEPING GIANT Spiritual Pathway.  That pathway includes option for:



The process has been documented and outlined in the seminal work on men’s ministry, SLEEPING GIANT: No Movement of God without Men of God, published by Lifeway Church Resources and B&H Publishing. Kenny Luck and SLEEPING GIANT are also the cornerstone of men’s ministry resources provided by Lifeway and the Southern Baptist Convention. 


Men’s ministries are now fully equipped with a proven strategy, the ability to launch their vision, and a pathway to deliver their message with fresh and renewable weekly content, as well as an ongoing leadership development which results in men who…


  • GET IN – Joining other men in a strong and resonating local spiritual community.
  • GET HEALTHY – Winning transformation spiritually, relationally and morally.
  • GET STRONG – Building a life of faith solid as a rock. Developing into a solid spiritual leader and disciple.
  • GET GOING – Deploying into service locally in the church and globally to bring justice.


Unique site features include a search function embedded across various sections of the site and in the Media Vault channel that allows men, pastors or lay leaders to search for answers, to ask a question, and receive an answer. The Media Vault ( features a Search Bar that allows anyone to search for answers to the most asked questions about what it means to live as a man focused on God’s Kingdom. They can view an extensive library of resources customized by Price – Free or Paid, Type – Session or Series, and Media – Audio or Video with new content being added weekly. The site also features a blog from Every Man teachers featuring Kenny Luck, Doug Fields, J.P. Jones and other men’s leaders aligned with the SLEEPING GIANT movement.  Men can also sign up for the weekly In Your Corner email newsletter. 


To celebrate the launch of their new website, Every Man Ministries is giving away a free video session to anyone interested in being part of this exciting new movement of men.  For a limited time, men and men’s leaders can claim their free video by going to and following the simple instructions.


SLEEPING GIANT has been endorsed by pastors, churches, denominational leaders, and men’s ministry organizations representing over 100,000 churches in North America alone. A partial list of endorsements is available. Please inquire.


Kenny Luck is a men’s expert, speaker, leader of leaders, an ECPA platinum award-winning author of the God’s Man and Every Man series, pastor of men at Saddleback Church, and founder of Every Man Ministries which provides conferences, training, and resources to lead the men’s movement worldwide. He is available to speak to pastors and   men’s leaders nationally and internationally.  At Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, California, Luck leads 7,000 men participating in weekly small group gatherings. He has authored and coauthored 20 books, including Every Man, God’s Man, and the four books in the God’s Man series: Risk, Dream, Fight and Soar. He and his wife Chrissy have three children. Follow Kenny at or



For the past 10 years, Every Man Ministries has been dedicated to revolutionizing men’s ministry, freeing men spiritually, and empowering healthy family formation worldwide.  Every Man Ministries helps churches develop, grow, and maintain strong men’s communities that support the mission and vision of the local pastor and church.



For more information, to schedule an interview with Kenny Luck or for a review copy of SLEEPING GIANT, please contact:

Lori Heiselman – FrontGate Media






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