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May 24, 2013 | Newsletter | Every Man Newsletter April 2013 Volume 4

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Every Man Ministries Newsletter

Greetings Man of God!

Who’s On Board Your Leader SHIP

Every man’s life is a “Leader Ship.” People board it in the hopes that it will deliver them safely to the next to a personal destination or provide rescue in distress. Wives, children, co-workers, friends, and, sometimes, complete strangers having an emergency climb on board our leader ship. The bottom line is this: they are looking to you to for strength, wisdom, direction, presence, provision, and protection. It doesn’t matter whether you see yourself as a leader or not, the important thing is that you lead!

If you haven’t noticed by now there is a gigantic vacuum of healthy leadership around the world. Men of God have no excuse for not providing great direction and hope for those on board their leader ship. That’s because we have the greatest leader of all modeling and mentoring us in Christ.

DO SOMETHING ABOUT THE “LEADER SHIP” CRISIS IN OUR HOMES AND WORLD… Share this video with every leader in your network, meet with your team and watch, and prevent a ship wreck at sea!


1. Sink or Swim

All people need to be led but not all people are led the right way. This need puts people in great jeopardy when they need direction, defending, or help deciding what course of action will be best. In Part I men’s expert and pastor Kenny Luck looks at the model of leadership outlined in the famous Psalm 23 chapter of the Bible and makes application of the timeless principles for the modern man in his context. This model of leadership is the one championed by Jesus himself connecting the character of a leader to his personal connection to those he leads

To watch this video for FREE OR SHARE IT WITH A FRIEND click HERE

2. Men Are Built For Intimacy – The Fantasy Island Series II


Boys often run from problems. As a man, it’s never God’s will for you to run from your problems. He’s there in them. Guys , that’s the difference. If God is in my problems, and He’s going to use my problems and develop me into something that is more valuable and stronger after the process, I have to hang in for the process.

What is in process for you right now? What’s testing or tempting you?

You are under the coaching of one of two entities: God or Satan. Those coaches have separate goals in mind. God uses testing to move you forward. Satan uses temptation to get you of track. God uses testing to develop. Satan uses tempting to destroy. God uses pressure as a stepping-stone. Satan uses it as a stumbling block.

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3. Unfailing Love Means An Unstoppable Life – The Uprising Series II


We’ve been taking a look at Jeremiah 4. You know He’s talking to men when He’s talking about renewal and revival, and He says in Jeremiah 4:1: “Circumcise yourself to the Lord.” You don’t say that to woman.

Remember too that they are adults. Adult circumcision would be painful, but do you know what He is really saying? I want to cut your heart. Circumcise your hearts.

He’s talking about an inner transformation. You return to me, or you go on with your cultural expression of masculinity and validation, and then I’ll have to break out the wrath. It breaks out like a fire with no one to quench it.


Uprisings are powerful. They are recognized by the power that they threaten. Those who are threatened need it to be crushed immediately. Think about our Jewish heritage. I am thinking about Masada, when the Romans crushed a revolt. Think about China: Tiananmen Square.


Uprisings are often crushed immediately because if allowed to thrive and be fueled by emotion and energy, they could change the course of history. Historically, we’ve seen these uprisings. Some were crushed while others succeeded like the French and American Revolutions.

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4. In case you missed them….



I am praying for you each week during the month. Next month, I’m going to ask for your help with a few things. Again, take courage and live as God’s man, flaws and all. Don’t let your struggles keep you from doing good. Come to the site and share your comments and thoughts, and encourage others! Until next week…




Kenny Luck


Kenny Luck




Kenny Luck is the founder of Every Man Ministries and the men’s pastor at Saddleback Church.  His 20th book – SLEEPING GIANT: No Movement of God without Men of God – is the proven blueprint for men’s ministries, and was recently released through B&H Publishing. Leadership kits and church resources published by LifeWay. Watch and read more of Kenny’s teaching here at




April 2013 Volume 4


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