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May 24, 2013 | Newsletter | Every Man Newsletter May 2013 Volume 2

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Every Man Ministries Newsletter

Greetings Man of God!

Mothers LOVE IT when fathers father!

All moms are in a agreement on one thing: forget flowers, thoughtful cards, and breakfast in bed one day a year. If you really want the good stuff to flow emotionally from your wife toward you–more love, respect, affection, admiration, and consideration–then listen up because all you have to do is one thing really well. Be a FATHER to your children.

Nothing makes a mom’s heart beat faster for her man than when she sees him tending to the emotional, spiritual, and physical needs of her babies. That means slay whatever demons you need to slay, make whatever sacrifices you need to make, and spend whatever time is required to meaningfully shepherd the family flock.

The problem is that you cannot give away what you do not possess. The solution is TODAY’S CHALLENGE: Watch and share the “The Father Factor.” Click HERE

1. The Father Factor

Every man is made son-ship but not every man receives the blessing of son-ship. The problem with this cultural epidemic is this: if men don’t get healthy approval from a father, they will chase it in a number of unhealthy and self-destructive ways that destroy the man and the people connected to him. In this powerful series pastor and men’s expert Kenny Luck is on a mission to break that cycle. It’s time to stop searching for validation and start living as a loved son. Then, and only then, can we pay that blessing forward to our own sons and daughters and transform the next generation. A man’s abilities as a father will never outperform his own.

To watch this video for FREE OR SHARE IT WITH A FRIEND click HERE

2. What’s The F? – The Fantasy Island Series III


Welcome back to Fantasy Island.

Let’s start here: fantasy is ultimately about maturity and intimacy. Men will chase intimacy at some level to get their needs met. That’s true of everyone, not just men. When there are conflicts that impact real intimacy, our desire for intimacy doesn’t just go away.

We can’t talk about fantasy without talking about maturity and intimacy. A pursuit of fantasy reveals where we are in life with these things. These are the two vacuums in life that draw us into fantasy.

Read More

3. Why The Fascination With Superheroes? – Uprising Series III


When you think back on your life, how many of you had visions of being a superhero who brought justice?

I know that 90 percent of you had some form of superhero paraphernalia: underwear, pajamas, a cape, masks or a Halloween costume. There is something in us at a very young age that wants to be a few things: we want to be good, we want to be dangerous, we want to have special power, and we want to deliver justice.

Now why is that? Why is it universal across the globe? Why is it universal across cultures?

We want to be on the right side of good, but then as we age our vision goes from the ideal to what is really born into us, to something else, usually because we’re subjected to life here on Earth. There are losses. We get hurt.


Uprisings are powerful. They are recognized by the power that they threaten. Those who are threatened need it to be crushed immediately. Think about our Jewish heritage. I am thinking about Masada, when the Romans crushed a revolt. Think about China: Tiananmen Square.


Uprisings are often crushed immediately because if allowed to thrive and be fueled by emotion and energy, they could change the course of history. Historically, we’ve seen these uprisings. Some were crushed while others succeeded like the French and American Revolutions.

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4. In case you missed them….



I am praying for you each week during the month. Next month, I’m going to ask for your help with a few things. Again, take courage and live as God’s man, flaws and all. Don’t let your struggles keep you from doing good. Come to the site and share your comments and thoughts, and encourage others! Until next week…




Kenny Luck


Kenny Luck




Kenny Luck is the founder of Every Man Ministries and the men’s pastor at Saddleback Church.  His 20th book – SLEEPING GIANT: No Movement of God without Men of God – is the proven blueprint for men’s ministries, and was recently released through B&H Publishing. Leadership kits and church resources published by LifeWay. Watch and read more of Kenny’s teaching here at




May 2013 Volume 2

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Family: Leading a Family – DVD Leader Kit is a resource that will help men accept their calling and experience God’s blessing as the spiritual leaders to their wives and children. More than ever, families are desperate for spiritual leadership. And that starts with the husband and father. Are your men equipped and ready to assume the role and responsibility God has for them?

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