So Your Guy Did Not Win the Election?

Pastor Kenny Luck

I admit it. I want my guy to win this presidential election.

War, government, and politics are a huge part of my story. I am the son of a WWII prisoner of war (my mother) and naval officer who served his country for 27 years (a Democrat and Republican respectively). In junior high I won a “State Capital” trip for missing one question out of two-hundred on a United States Constitution exam. I was also a member of the Harry S. Truman club that year.

Choosing to major in Political Science at UCLA was a no-brainer and I spent two summers in the former Soviet Union back in the 80s during the Cold War. Over the years my beautiful wife and three kids have all suffered and learned from my passions for history, politics, and cable news late into the night. They have also welcomed Camp Pendleton Marines into the house for Thanksgiving, and my kids have thanked them for saving their grandma. I own a flag and fly it proudly every chance I get. When I hear the national anthem, I tear up. My best friend is a Marine F-18 pilot. When I see a uniformed military men and women in the airport I thank them for their service. Red, white, and blue are not colors or stripes to me—they are emotions.

It is no surprise to anyone that my patriotic magma is about to burst forth a bright orange spectacle of either elation or depression on November 7th. By Wednesday morning only one of America’s best hopes for President will remain standing as our President-elect. But here is the kicker: both the men and the results of this election have the capacity to hijack the hopes or ransom the fears of Christians nationwide at the expense of their faith in God. And unlike Barack and Mitt, God does know us and is watching to see what happens to our faith in Him when only one of them wins.

"Do not put your trust in princes, in mortal men, who cannot save. When their spirit departs, they return to the ground; on that very day their plans come to nothing. Blessed is he whose help is the God of Jacob, whose hope is in the Lord his God" (Psalm 146:3-5).

This is strong biblical medicine for God’s people on election day. Whether your guy wins or whether he loses, God is concerned with where your faith in him and life for him goes in light of the result. He knows that many followers of Jesus are heavily invested in the outcome of this election and he wants to remind us that all political outcomes pass through God’s filter before man’s ballots and the electoral college. On Wednesday some of us will say, “God allowed this outcome.” Others will say, “God wanted this outcome.” But either way, the outcome must not hijack my hopes or ransom my fears from God’s perspective. Neither the failures nor successes of men suggest failures or successes for God in my life. The failure is if I permit their failure or success to obscure my view of and hope in God.

I admit it. I want my guy to win this presidential election on November 6th. But I want God’s Kingdom in me and through me to win more in the days that follow. Way more. Regardless of who wins the White House, our eyes must be fixed on the man riding the White Horse described in Revelation 19. Neither Barack nor Mitt will say, “Well done my good and faithful servant." Jesus will.

I am backing that horse.

Some trust in chariots and some in horses, but we trust in the name of the Lord our God. They are brought to their knees and fall, but we rise up and stand firm (Proverbs 20:7-8).

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Alex Murashko

Enjoyed the blog post very much! "I want God’s Kingdom in me and through me to win more in the days that follow."

Caleb Gordon

Great thought Kenny! Thank you for staying true to God's word!

Rick Cabral

Well said Kenny!

Richard Rhudy

Amen, good perspective Kenny. Well, it's after the election and I'm disappointed in the result, but Jesus is still king and I still trust that His plans are not thwarted. Ro 8:28

Steve Gutierrez

Pastor Kenny: As a Christian, we are on the same team. On the football field, that is a different story.... Congratulations on a well played and earned Victory this past weekend. For the 1st year in a while, I will have the honor, of wearing the powder blue and gold, "speedo's" at the annual gathering of several cross-town life long friends. Pictures not to be disclosed! On to your voting/election and Trusting in God commentary. For Christians, that believe in several of the fundamentals of Stewardship, Freedom, Honesty and the fundamentals of the creation of Life, the decision was relatively easy. In life as in all other things, the circumstances are what God has chosen to allow, and in many ways we are bewildered by those circumstances. I have asked this question for years and years, yet to read of, study of or hear an answer to it, that settles my understanding, has eluded me for nearly 18 years. The Question of years of my prayers: Since God allows us, the freedom of our own choices, to do good or evil, to obey His Laws or not, .....SIN , Why does this freedom of another to choose evil & sin, that causes so many innocent others to suffer, hurt and endure those consequences of that evil, The pain and suffering allowed by God, suffered by the innocent of the actions of others is very difficult to understand .....for what purpose?

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