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February 11, 2024 | Daily Devotionals | February 11

The Dance 

Let them praise his name with dancing and make music to him with timbrel and harp. Psalm 149:3 


This psalmist’s dance is one that most men are unable to pull off. Most attempt to do it without Christ. He is either missing from the dance floor or dysfunctionally blended in so that He can never quite be seen or felt. These men never fully realize the dream of greatness or develop into the men they crave to be. The unredeemed elements of pride and fear prevail over the spirit of Christ. The result: their dream of greatness dies.


That is why God’s man needs to have a confident grip of God in his life. When we are disconnected from the clear understanding of God’s abilities, God’s love for us, God’s attitude toward us, and God’s dream for us, we simply cannot let go of the following hindrances: the need to be noticed; the need to prove our worth; images; the need to be first; trying to please people and self; prejudice; hurts that cause us bitterness.


The key is to remain humble and remember our identity—remember we are a new person and have the mind of Christ. When we focus in on who we really are, we will know and experience a higher level of vision and service from the inside out. Christian artist and iconoclast Charlie Peacock says, “We can’t possess what we don’t experience.” 


God’s dream for you is to look like this: You have influence without ego; you are capable of retaliation but choose reconciliation; you pass up power to increase God’s influence; you submit to God’s plans versus presuming them; you freely notice others; you empty yourself instead of being self-entitled; you are willing to take the hit in humble obedience to God’s purpose; you are able to wait for God to honor your efforts in His time. When we make these tangible—and often hard—choices, we experience more of Him and we possess His power. Choose and do dangerous, good things. 


Thank You Jesus. You have shown me Your dance, the dance that gives me Your vision and Your ability.

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