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February 20, 2014 | Daily Devotionals | February 20

Learning to see and accept truth has its rewards. First and foremost, intimacy with God increase dramatically when we see that His way should be our way. But when we deny the truth, we deceive ourselves, and God cannot relate to a man who is lying to himself.


If you want to connect with God is a ore meaningful way, do so with an honesty inventory. Ask yourself:

  • Am I being honest with myself about where I am with the Lord?
  • Am I being honest with God?
  • Have I been transparent with others?
  • Am I open to receiving instruction from God’s Word, from my friends, or even from my spouse?


Openness and honesty always lend substance and credibility to our character, which leads to greater trust. When trust is present, intimacy is experienced in greater measures. 

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