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February 24, 2014 | Daily Devotionals | February 24

Pop-quiz time: When an e-mail with an obviously suggestive subject line appears on your computer screen, what is your instant reaction?

  • Do you feel an immediate pull, wondering, Should I open this e-mail?
  • Or is it a nonevent, and with a simple click you delete the suggestive e-mail without a hint of struggle?


If you’re not transformed, then you still believe you have a right to choose your behavior, which means you would ask the first question. The moment you do, you open yourself to discussing the pros and cons with yourself. But far worse, you open yourself up to Satan’s counsel. He would love to be heard on this issue.


He cajoles and lies, keeping your mind focused on the conversation so you don’t notice your body slipping down the slope of lust. By the time he finishes, the only answer you’re ready to hear is, “Yes, you should look at it.”


Therein lies the power of temptation, but temptations lose their power when we don’t go there.

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