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February 28, 2014 | Daily Devotionals | February 28

Husbands submitting to our wives for the sake of oneness is a bedrock biblical principle. And it’s here that we begin to understand the role of male submission in marriage. There are more important things than exerting authority in our marriage–things like oneness and the growth of a tender, fragile relationship. It’s called “submission to oneness.”


How far must we take submission to oneness? Do we stop at personal convictions? Does our wife need a text of Scripture to back her up?


Not really. Regardless of whether Scripture is involved, any stumbling block we place in the way of oneness with our wives is sin. It weakens God’s purpose for marriage and flaunts our leadership at the the expense of God’s work.


Submit to one another our of reverence for Christ. (EPHESIANS 5:21)


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