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February 5, 2014 | Daily Devotionals | February 5

You may think, Well, my wife has no right to try to change me! Are you sure? She has every right to change you when the hard edges of your sin are cutting up her and the kids. You’re not in a position to dictate anything. Besides, is that really what you want?


Many people (believers and nonbelievers alike) claim that wives shouldn’t try to change their husbands. That’s understandable because on person can’t change another person. In fact, the more you try changing your partner, the more that person will dig in his or her heels and defend the territory. While a woman can’t change a man, she does need to feel free to point out problems and problem areas. If your wife isn’t free to do that, you need to give her permission.


Today I will open my heart to the truth that my wife has a right to speak up concerning problem areas, and I will listen should she decide to voice her concerns.

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