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February 8, 2014 | Daily Devotionals | February 8

Let’s say you to something stupid, like stick your hand into a fire. If you leave your hand in the flames long enough, you’ll feel the immediate consequences of excruciating pain. An even dumber actions, however, would be to think that you’re different and stronger than everyone else, believing you can put your hand in a campfire and not be burned. Since everyone knows that fire’s consequences are instantaneous, few men play with fire.


Everyone has a different story on how they learned about masturbation, but more important than how you learned is what happened after you learned about it. When you learned to masturbate, you didn’t learn how to commit the unpardonable sin. You didn’t engage in some perversion or do what only mentally ill people do. You did what almost everyone learns to do. For a few, the practice is of little consequence, but for many, it becomes a destructive habit or dependency.

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