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February 9, 2014 | Daily Devotionals | February 9

Many of us avoid looking up, so to speak, because we are trying to avoid getting pinned down on making a commitment to God. We’ve turned that move into an art form. The problem is that God knows all our moves, and His desire to pin us down comes out of His great desire to get close to us, not destroy us to gain some sort of victory.


When God can’t get through to us by our conscience, He sometimes uses crises in our lives, our close relationships, our business ventures, our careers, our health, and our families to bring us to a place nothing else could. A desperate place. Pinned to the mat. Forced to read the sign and make a choice.


Why would God do it this way? Because He knows us. He knows that most men will not change until the pain of their circumstances exceeds the pain of change.


Lord, my desire is to be close to You, come what may. When adversity knocks on my door, use it to change me into the man You want me to be.

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