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April 10, 2013 | Sharing | Free I Hate It But I Love It

To watch your free video session just go to and type in the code: hatebutlove1


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Building muscle and building faith require the acceptance of a required amount of pain.  A strong physical core requires the pain of crunches from many different angles.  A strong spiritual core requires the pain of hard choices in many different spaces of your life for God.   And just like we may struggle emotionally BEFORE a hard decision and enjoy the feeling of disciplining ourselves AFTER we put in the work.  We hate the pain in the moment but we love the result.  

SO TODAY …remind a buddy, a friend, or a brother in Christ of this TRUTH by sharing with him this week’s video I HATE IT BUT I LOVE IT.  He’ll thank you and he will be a better man 

–Kenny Luck

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