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July 15, 2013 | FAQ | How Is The Ignite Conference Different Than The Men’s Retreat We Have Every Year?

A lot of times churches will get many guys to the big men’s events, but they won’t retain those guys to be activated in the church and becoming spiritually healthy. The Ignite conference is here to change that! Ignite is a proven strategy that has helped churches all over the country get guys into their men’s ministry and become activated in the church. 5-10% of the guys who have attended the Ignite conference have committed their lives to the Lord, 15-25% recommit their lives, and 25-35% commit to a weekly meeting. Imagine a conference that will get a large number of men to commit to attending a weekly meeting hosted by your church. You can also have access to over 140 weeks of men’s content located in our Media Vault. This conference will get guys in so that they can get healthy, strong, and then going for the mission and vision of your church.


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