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January 1, 2023 | Daily Devotionals | January 1

Brave Heart

Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it. Proverbs 4:23

God makes it clear to us in His new covenant, the New Testament, that we can now accept His unconditional, perfect love through faith.  He has placed His Holy Spirit in each of us who have accepted his love. The very fact that Jesus called the Holy Spirit our helper indicates that we are dependent on him to provide each of us a Brave Heart, so stay in contact with him.

It is important to be informed of how you have been designed to operate as a human being before and after you become a child of God. The tools you have been given by the Almighty are to help you become the person that both God and you want you to become.

Our heart is the essence and core of our being.   Your mind is the doorway into your heart; it is not your heart.  What you allow into your mind has access into your core which is your heart.  Using a metaphor, your mind is your computer which contains memory and the processes needed to function here on earth. You have been given the freedom of making choices as to what you allow into your computer either intentionally or randomly.  What you allow your computer to process has either a damaging or edifying effect on your heart, the core of your belief.  Therefore, choose your thoughts wisely; think about what you are thinking. Your heart is at the mercy of the thoughts you choose to think. You have been given power to choose what you allow into your computer mind.

The Holy Spirit has been down-loaded into every one of His children. He is the proper software that will protect your heart, so stay in contact with him.

Father thanks for allowing me to possess a Brave Heart; not by my might or power but the power you have provided me.

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