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January 12, 2014 | Daily Devotionals | January 12

Some may think that impurity is genetic, like the color of our eyes. I’m male, so Ill have impure eyes and an impure mind. But we can’t blame our roving eyes on genetics, even though men are definitely more visually oriented then females. Some men see themselves as victims of impure eyes and thoughts, as if that excuse absolved them from all responsibility.


The simple truth? Impurity is a habit. It lives like a habit.


The fact that impurity is merely a habit comes as a surprise to many men. It’s like discovering that the big bully has a glass chin and that you don’t have to cower anymore.


If impurity were genetic or some victimizing spell, you’d be helpless. But since impurity is a habit, it can be changed. You have hope, because if it lives like a habit, it can die like a habit.


This is great news since habit-breaking is familiar ground, hardly mysterious. We’ve all dealt with bad habits. What do you do with them? You simply replace them with new and better ones. That’s it. If you can practice this new habit with great focus for a month to six weeks, soon the old habit will seem unnatural.

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