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January 18, 2014 | Daily Devotionals | January 18

If you want to change, recognize that you’re impure because you’ve diluted God’s standard of sexual purity with your own. That’s the first of three reasons for how easily men fall into sexual sin.


We should be amazed that so many Christian men are under that bondage. Our heavenly Father is amazed. Here’s a paraphrase of some questions God asked (in Hosea 8:5-5) that reveal His amazement:


What is going on here? Why are my children choosing to be impure? They are Christians for heaven’s sakes! When are they going to start acting like it?


We aren’t victims of some vast conspiracy to ensnare us sexually; we’ve simply chosen to mix in our own standards of sexual conduct with God’s standard.


God knows we’re Christians and that we can choose to be pure. So why don’t we?

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