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January 2, 2015 | Daily Devotionals | January 2

Is your marriage a delight to you — or is your career the only thing that charges your engines?  Do you exist in marriage for your wife, or does she exist for you?  What in life is the focus of your greatest passion?

Here’s something to think about over the next few days:

Ask yourself:

  • Does your wife’s face brighten when you enter the room?  Does she rise to greet you with a kiss?
  • Does she long for your embrace and love to chat with you?
  • When her dreams have been scattered, is it your heart she seeks or does she turn to her closest friends?
  • Do you guard her convictions and the treasures of her soul even when she’s out of sight?

What kind of answers did you come up with?  Is your wife your first love?  Is oneness your passion?

Both your passion for oneness and your passion for serving show that you love her.  If the passion’s not there, you need to find it.  But if it’s there, your motives for serving your wife will be true.

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