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January 25, 2014 | Daily Devotionals | January 25

It’s easy to confuse normal sexual desire and conduct with addictive compulsions and gratification. A person can have a stronger-than-normal sexual appetite and not be a sex addict.

Around 10 percent of men have no sexual-temptation problem with their eyes and their minds. At the other end of the curve, there’s another 10 percent of men who are sexual addicts and have a serious problem with lust. They’ve been so beaten and scarred by emotional events that they simply can’t overcome that sin in their lives. They need more counselling and a transforming washing by the Word.  The rest of us comprise the middle 80 percent, living in various shades of gray when it comes to sexual sin.


Lord, my desire is to be among the 10 percent who have no sexual-temptation problem. Help me to be honest with myself about where I am so that I can move in the right direction.


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