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January 31, 2024 | Daily Devotionals | January 31

Kingdom Building

From the days of John the Baptist the kingdom of God has been forcefully advancing. And forceful men lay hold of it. Matthew 11:12

When your view of God is right, your identity as God’s man is settled (as in, no more competing identities), and you are willing to sacrifice your agenda for his service. It’s time to build something that will outlast you. It’s time to invest in something you can’t take with you but something you can send ahead to eternity. It’s time to get busy building the kingdom of God, right where you live in your local church, and in your world.

It’s time to think outside the box and dream big God dreams. The Kingdom doesn’t need more religious guys. It requires more big hairy audacious dreamers. Think I’m playing you? The opening verse describes the kind of man God uses for this breakthrough. Could he be talking about you?

Men throughout history have been challenged to cross that line, out of comfort and into risk for their King. God doesn’t need more cows, who run from a challenge. Be a buffalo—run into the challenge, knowing that He will go before you. Forceful men are moved from within with God’s vision for kingdom expansion.

It’s about winning —souls, communities, people in desperate circumstances, countries in darkness, and all the particular battles of your world. It’s about winning men you know to join forces and affect the course of history. Over the next couple of decades it will be the most powerful show of force the church has mounted in history, and men like you will be at the center of this movement.

Father God, You are awesome, and by Your gift of faith You have instilled that awesomeness in me, your child. Thank you for trusting me.

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