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January 8, 2024 | Daily Devotionals | January 8

The Battle of Life

The Lord will go forward like a warrior. He will arouse his zeal like a man of war, he will utter a shout, yes he will raise a war cry, he will prevail against His enemies. Isaiah 42:13

Have you ever worked with someone who is effective but inefficient? Sure, they do a great job—but they miss every deadline. We all want to be men who can balance effectiveness (quality) and efficiency (speed). A man whose aim is accurate, who multiplies power in his life, and who frustrates the enemy. It’s the difference between someone who strives to win the battle for appearances in life, versus the guy who actually wins the battles of life. One of the most highly respected soldiers in battle is the sniper. He is efficient, he is effective, his aim is accurate, he multiplies power for his team, he frustrates the enemy, and he’s lethal for his cause.

Do you know what the world needs? God’s men, who are both efficient and effective for Him. Their aim and focus is on God, and as a result they multiply spiritual power inside of their life. They frustrate the enemy and advance the cause of loving God and loving people. Every man wants to be on target but not every man understands the battle to stay on target. It’s easy to start a home project when your adrenaline is pumping. But three weeks later, when the excitement has worn off? That fence may stay half-finished for a while.

The sniper calibrates, he selects targets, he eliminates opposition, he reloads, he re-acquires, he advances, and then he starts the process over again, depending on what theater of battle he finds himself in.

In order to win the battles of life as a man, we need to detect, prepare for, and fight against the enemy. We succeed when we calibrate our vision, select goals to shoot for, and eliminate obstacles to progress in our relationship with God and with people. Let’s reload and keep advancing in the individual battles of our issues and circumstances.

Thank you, Father, for the “want to” that you provide to win my battles.

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