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July 12, 2014 | Daily Devotionals | July 12

In a newsletter, author and speaker Dr. Gary Rosberg told of seeing a pair of hands that reminded him of the hands of his father, who had gone on to heaven. Gary continued to reminisce about what his father’s hands mean to him.


Then he shifted his thoughts to the hands of Jesus, noting this simple truth: “They were hands that never touched a woman with dishonor.”


Ponder these words a little longer. Jesus’s hands never touched a woman with dishonor, but Jesus said lusting with the eyes is the same as touching. Given that Jesus is sinless, He not only never touched a woman with dishonor, He never even looked at a woman in dishonor.


Lord, from this day on, I pray I would be

known as a man who would never touch a

woman with dishonor.

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