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July 16, 2014 | Daily Devotionals | July 16

Wounds can launch us toward sexual sin. Think about it. Because of our brains’ hardwiring, we’re already handicapped regarding relationships in the first place, partly because our brains’ hemispheres don’t talk to each other very well. Then, since our verbal skills are rooted in the left hemisphere, we can’t easily access our emotions verbally. That explains why it’s hard to articulate what we’re feeling. We just know we don’t fit in anywhere, and we aren’t connecting with anyone intimately.


Without a connection with our fathers and acceptance as men, we are practically guaranteed to fall into sexual sin during our teen years. Orgasmic relief is the medication for our pain. And once this becomes our crutch in our crippled interpersonal lives, we’ll drag that crutch right into marriage.


Lord, You are my Healer, my Father, and

my Friend. Because of Your acceptance of

me, my wounds are healed, and I am free

to live a life of purity and true intimacy.




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