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July 16, 2023 | Daily Devotionals | July 16



Temptation comes to every man. God is faithful to deliver you from every temptation, he will provide a way for your escape. I Corinthians 10:13


There is no escape from the testing ground of temptation.  God said it would come – and in fact, it’s necessary in order to develop a real man and bring him into greater service.  It’s no sin to be tempted. Jesus was tempted in every way.  What is necessary is for God’s man to expect it, preempt it, resist it, and not RSVP to the Tempter.

You will encounter temptation.  The question is, what is your identity, who are you? Are you encountering the same types of temptation today as you did many years ago?  The static or changing nature of temptation you face reflects your growth in Christ and as a man.

Withholding submission of a certain area in your life ensures spiritual stagnation.  As your character grows and changes, the attacks change too.  Satan doesn’t attack a babe in Christ the same way he does a mature, disciplined soldier. The tactics change based on your resolve and spiritual disposition.  He only changes his tactics if he can’t continue to hold you hostage through the impure passions he exploited. Nail this down: God’s plan is not immunity from the struggle, but victory over the temptation.  God told the men of Israel that He would give them the land and that they would be victorious.  A lot of men hearing this promise were elated.  But they went from elation to deflation when they realized they’d need to suit up, show up, and engage the people hand to hand to receive it. Would giving it to them outright have produced the faith their Commander was really looking for?

Father, Thank you for your infinite wisdom and for revealing it to me, your son.


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