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July 20, 2014 | Daily Devotionals | July 20

Sacrificial thinking isn’t giving your wife everything she wants. It’s making sure her essence is expressed equally with yours, in the same way the white stripe is expressed equally with the red on a sandy cane.


Sacrificial thinking is more than taking your wife’s thoughts into consideration. It’s taking those thoughts and putting them into play with as much emphasis and care as you give your own thoughts, although some of her thought processes may not make sense to you as a guy. You must simply understand her essence and act upon it as if you do understand, or there’ll be no oneness. She’ll feel trampled and always left out, no matter how often you say, “But darling, I listened to you. I just felt my way was better.”


The use of the servant mind-set must always be consistent among all of us if we wish to love our wives as ourselves.


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