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July 27, 2014 | Daily Devotionals | July 27

What are your main areas of weakness? In choosing them, remember that they must be areas from which you visually draw sexual satisfaction. Some make the mistake of choosing non-visual weakness for this list. For instance, you could initially include the following three on your list:

  1. Showers.
  2. Being home alone.
  3. Working late.


We can all understand why these are troublesome. In the shower, you’re nude with warm water cascading down your body. When you’re home alone, no one is around to discover you. When working late, you feel sorry for yourself and need “comfort.”


But such weak spots needn’t be targeted if you train your eyes to bounce and eliminate the visual stimuli. With no food for the mental fancies, the sexual fever that draws your mind to sin in these situations will be broken. These situations will lose their power naturally.

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