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July 31, 2023 | Daily Devotionals | July 31

Gimmy, Gimmy, Gimmy

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not unto your own understanding. Proverbs 3:5

When it comes to sex, God says wait. No affairs of body or mind. If you will believe me you will live freely with women and you will not experience the consequences of violating them. When it comes to money, God says don’t let your money become your God, give some of it and keep it under the authority of God. When it comes to power, God says it’s not about you, it’s about others. If you believe that it’s not about you, but about others, then you will experience the Life God intended and you will not experience the consequence of making it all about you, which will destroy you and your relationships.

Satan says, aaaah!, don’t wait, indulge yourself when it comes to sex, when it comes to money, don’t give in, increase yourself. It’s the same game, don’t trust God. What’s the common denominator? Self. The whole end game is to cause man to become his own source of authority.

Father, enough about me, because it really is…. all about You.


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